Must see Christmas Eve box ideas for toddlers and babies

How to create the perfect Christmas Eve box

by Holly
christmas eve box ideas for toddlers

As we all know, the holiday season is right around the corner. One tradition that’s been gaining popularity recently is the Christmas Eve box.

If you have little ones, you might be wondering how to adapt this fun tradition in your family. This post reveals the secrets to crafting the ultimate Christmas Eve box, complete with the most incredible online inspirations we’ve discovered.

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This post is all about Christmas Eve box ideas for toddlers

What is a Christmas Eve box?

It’s a charming tradition where you gift a special box filled with small treats, activities or trinkets to your child on the night before Christmas. It’s a wonderful way to build anticipation for the big day and create a memorable family tradition.

What did the Christmas Eve box tradition come from?

This tradition has its roots in the German custom of opening presents on Christmas Eve. Over time, the idea has evolved, and today it’s become a delightful way to kick off Christmas celebrations a little early.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones and create beautiful memories for your children. It’s truly an amazing Christmas tradition to start with baby.

How to create a Christmas Eve box

Creating a Christmas Eve box is a fun and easy process.

First, you’ll need a box – this could be a simple cardboard box or a fancier wooden one. Feel free to decorate it with festive stickers, ribbons, or even your child’s name. The more personal, the better!

Personalized Christmas Eve box

This high-quality Christmas Eve box can be reused every year on the night before Christmas. The wooden box is ready to fill with lots of festive treats and goodies to delight your little one with a special delivery from Santa!

This unique Christmas Eve box gives the feel that it has been delivered directly to your door all the way from the North Pole.

personalized christmas eve box etsy

DIY Christmas Eve box

DIY christmas eve box
Image soure @missingtoothgrins

How to make your own Christmas Eve crate in 4 simple steps

  • Choose a Wooden Crate: Opt for an unfinished wooden crate that’s paint-ready. It saves time since there’s no need for sanding!
  • Paint it Festive: Grab a foam brush and acrylic paint to coat the entire crate in a jolly holiday color.
  • Add a Personal Touch: Personalize the crate by using name stencils or simply sticking on letter stickers – it’s as easy as that!
  • Embrace the Holiday Spirit: Finally, give it that magical touch with Christmas embellishments like charming snowflakes and plaid bows. Your crate will be holiday-ready in no time!

Wooden Christmas Eve box

If you’re short on time, this wooden Christmas Eve box is an excellent choice. There’s no need to wait for personalization – simply write your toddler’s name on the blank panel.

Budget-friendly Christmas Eve box

Why stick to the traditional wooden box for your Christmas Eve surprises?

Shake things up and go for a charming jelly basket to hold all the holiday goodies for your toddler. The best part? It’s reusable, serving you well throughout the year for various occasions, not limited to Christmas.

Simply attach a name tag, add some festive decorations, and voilà! You’ve created the ideal Christmas Eve box for your little one.

Christmas Eve box for toddlers
Image source: @teginlee

Another budget-friendly idea is to use a shoe box for your Christmas Eve box. Just wrap it in festive wrapping paper and give it a personal touch with letter stickers and some charming embellishments.

Image source: @aliceandthemadhatters

What to put in Christmas Eve box

Now, onto the exciting part – filling the box.

This can include a range of items such as pajamas, books, toys, or even a Christmas movie. The idea is to choose items that your child will enjoy and that will add to the festive atmosphere.

Christmas Eve box ideas for babies

When it comes to babies, you might need to think a bit more creatively.

Some ideas could include a soft plush toy, a Christmas-themed bib, or baby booties. A baby-friendly board book could also be a great addition, promoting early literacy while keeping the Christmas spirit alive.

Remember, the items should be age-appropriate and safe for your baby.

In a hurry?
Check out this list of Christmas Eve box fillers for your baby.

Baby Xmas PJs

Keep your little one snug and cozy on Christmas Eve with adorable Christmas baby fleece onesies. These highly-rated pajamas have 2-way zipper for easy access and come in 7 adorable Holiday prints.

Photo-ready outfits

Dress your toddler in a festive outfit, perfect for capturing those precious holiday photos, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Christmas bibs

These festive drool bibs with detachable teethers will keep little ones dry and entertained during the holiday celebrations.

Baby toiletry

Indulge your little one with baby toiletries, guaranteeing their freshness and comfort all through the winter season. If your baby has eczema-prone skin, make sure to moisturize it properly.

Dermatologist recommended Dove Beauty Bar for Sensitive Skin and Mustela’s Stelatopia Baby Face Cream are amazing Christmas Eve box fillers for your baby.

what to put in a christmas eve box
Image source: @calligraphia_12

Christmas book for baby

Spread the Christmas cheer with a thoughtfully selected book! Opt for small board books that are ideal for your baby’s Christmas Eve box.

Baby Touch and Feel Merry Christmas” is an interactive, holiday-themed touch and feel book designed for babies, encouraging hands-on learning. Also, the rip-proof “Indestructible” book – it’s an excellent way to get your baby into the Christmas spirit.

Reindeer Plush

A Reindeer plush is the perfect addition to your baby’s Christmas Eve box, offering cuddly companionship.

what to put in christmas eve box ideas for toddlers
Image source: @sophieellaandme

I’m in love with this Reindeer ballerina doll. It’s super cute and soft. It’ll sure be your baby’s new best friend!

Baby puffs

Baby puffs make fantastic additions to your Christmas Eve box. Just make sure to have a good supply of your baby’s favorites on hand.

Christmas booties

Keep those little feet warm and stylish with Christmas booties, the perfect accessory for holiday cuteness.

Baby lovey

Not only is a lovey a must-have when it comes to sleep training your baby, but it’s a great Christmas Eve box filler too!

babies first christmas eve box
Image source: @our.home.trio

Holiday muslin quilt

Keep your little one wrapped in warmth with a soft and cuddly quilt blanket, perfect for snuggling up on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve box ideas for toddlers

As your baby grows, so can the contents of the Christmas Eve box. For toddlers, think about including a food plate, coloring books, and slippers. A festive pajama or a Christmas-themed picture book could also be a hit!

In a hurry?
Check out this list of Christmas Eve box fillers for your toddler

Elf on the shelf

Elf on the Shelf is a fantastic Christmas Eve box filler for toddlers because it adds an element of enchantment and wonder to the holiday season.

It encourages good behavior in a fun and interactive way, making the anticipation of Santa’s arrival even more exciting for little ones.


Encourage creative play with Play-Doh, a delightful addition to your Christmas Eve box that promises hours of imaginative fun for your toddler.

Christmas eve box ideas for babies
Image source: @onemamasjourney_

Christmas food plate

As your toddler begins to enjoy more finger foods, a food plate becomes essential. Elevate dinner time with a Christmas-themed food plate, bringing a touch of holiday magic to your toddler’s meal.

personlized christmas eve crate
Image source: @goingwiththeflouk

Christmas Reusable Sticker Book

Keep your toddler engaged and entertained on Christmas Eve with a reusable sticker book. These reusable sticker books are perfect for quiet play and encourage creativity, making it an ideal addition to your Christmas Eve box.

Personalized slippers

Personalized slippers not only keep those little feet cozy but also add a special, unique touch to your child’s Christmas Eve box.

Christmas tradition to start with baby
Image source: @totsandtantrums

Coloring book

This Christmas Coloring Book comes in 50 fun & simple Christmas designs – a must-have item in your toddler’s Christmas Eve box!

Character hot chocolate mix

Warm up the holiday season by including hot chocolate mix in your toddler’s Christmas Eve box. Grab a few adorable characters from this hot chocolate gift set – it’ll be a delightful treat for your toddler to enjoy this Christmas.

Toddler PJs

Cozy and cute toddler PJs are a must for your Christmas Eve box. They set the stage for a snug and magical night’s sleep, ensuring your child is ready to welcome Christmas morning in style.

Christmas eve box fillers
Image source: @rascals_and_rainbows

Christmas Wooden Puzzles

These wooden puzzles are easy enough for toddlers to play with and make a perfect Christmas Eve box stuffer.

Kinder egg

Surprise your toddler with a Kinder Egg – a delightful treat that combines a small toy and tasty chocolate, adding an element of surprise to their Christmas Eve.

Christmas eve box ideas
Image source: @my_irish_home

Letter from Santa

Make the evening even more special by including a personalized letter from Santa.

You can start off the letter with “Ho, ho, ho! It’s Santa Claus here, sending you a special letter all the way from the North Pole.” In the letter, you can include things like unique experiences you’ve shared throughout the year, has your toddler has been naughty or nice, and any wishes you have for your toddler.

It’s a lovely way to bond with your toddler while reading the letter together on Christmas.

Christmas Eve box ideas for 1 year old
Image source: @nads_bamba_bobo

Reindeer food/ Reindeer dust

Create an enchanting Christmas tradition (and photo opportunity) by adding reindeer food or dust to your Christmas Eve box. Your toddler can sprinkle it outside to help guide Santa’s reindeer to your home.

Final thoughts on Christmas Eve box ideas for toddlers

Remember, the goal of a Christmas Eve box for toddlers & babies is not only to celebrate the holiday but also to create a cherished tradition and lasting memories. So, don’t stress too much about the contents of the box. After all, your love and attention are the best gifts your baby can receive.

Have you made a Christmas Eve box for your baby before? Tell me by leaving a comment below!

This post was all about Christmas Eve box ideas for toddlers & babies

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