Easy Toddler Father’s Day Crafts That’ll Make Dad Smile

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easy preschool fathers day crafts

11 Super Cool Toddler Father’s Day Crafts To Try Right Now

Looking for a fun way to show dad some love on Father’s Day? Why not try one of these easy toddler Father’s Day crafts?

These fun toddler Father’s Day crafts are perfect for any age. They’re all simple enough that even the littlest crafters can join in, and they’re sure to make dad smile. So get your crafting supplies ready and let’s get started!

This post is all about toddler Father’s Day crafts to show how special dad is.

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1. Fingerprint Keepsake Dish

toddler father's day crafts

Supplies You’ll Need:

Dad will be sure to appreciate (and use) this cute keepsake dish. He can use this dish to put his coins, keys, literally anything that fits. All you need is some air-drying clay, paint, a small paintbrush, and a rolling pin.

First, roll out the clay in a circle. Fold the edges to make it into a dish. Then, have your child leave some fingerprints on the dish. Be creative in decorating the dish. You can use a pencil to write messages or engrave your child’s name.

Leave the dish to air dry and have your kids paint it to their heart’s content.

Check out full instructions at What Katy Said.

2. Tie-Died Popsicle Father’s Day Card

toddler Fathers Day crafts

Supplies You’ll Need:

What’s the best way to appreciate dad by telling him he’s the coolest dad! Kids of all ages can easily make this popsicle Father’s Day card. All you need to do is drop some watercolors onto a piece of paper towel. Wait for the paint to dry and cut out your popsicle shapes. Glue the artwork to a folded cardstock with wooden popsicles. Decorate your card and write “world coolest dad” message!

Check out full instructions at Happy Hooligans.

3. Mess-Free Heart Art For Dad

preschool Father's Day crafts

Supplies You’ll Need:

If you’re looking for DIY toddler Father’s Day crafts, give this mess-free heart art a try. First, squirt some washable paint or non-toxic acrylic paint onto a piece of cardstock paper. Place inside a resealable bag and have your toddler press around the paint to mix them. Get another sheet of paper and cut out a heart outline. Place the open heart on top of the painted page.

Lastly, write messages or you can print from the computer. You can frame the artwork or make it into a card.

Check out full instructions at The Best Ideas For Kids.

4. Turtle Handprint Father’s Day Card

father's day crafts for 2 year olds

Supplies You’ll Need:

Personalize your Father’s Day card with a handprint craft from your toddler. First, fold a green cardstock paper in half. Trace your toddler’s handprint on one side and cut it out, keeping the top (folded) part intact. Have your toddler dab some glue on the handprint and decorate with pom-poms.

Cut out the shape of the turtle’s head from green cardstock paper and glue it at the back of the card’s top side. Glue the googly eye onto the turtle’s head. Finally, mark the feet and mouth with a black marker.

Check out full instructions at Red Ted Art.

5. Fin-tastic Father’s Day Card

father's day crafts for babies

Supplies You’ll Need:

This fish card is so cute and easy to create. You can have your toddler draw out the shape of the fish and you can help her cut it out. A mess-free way to decorate the fish is with dot markers. If you opt for some sensory play, you can have your toddler finger paint the fish. Stick on googly eyes for some final touches. Lastly, paste the finished fish onto a card and write your message to show how fantastic dad is!

See full instructions at Crafts On Sea.

6. Love You To Pieces Father’s Day Craft

Father's Day crafts for kids

Supplies You’ll Need:

Show Dad how much he is appreciated with this love you to pieces art from your toddler. Have your toddler pick out Dad’s favorite colors and paint over the blank puzzle pieces. Let the colored puzzle pieces dry. Use a glue gun, E-6000, or any permanent adhesives to stick the puzzle pieces onto the wooden photo frame. You can simply insert a “love you to pieces” message or use your family picture in the center instead.

See full instructions at A Night Owl.

7. Thumbprint I 🖤 Dad Father’s Day Card

father's day crafts

Supplies You’ll Need:

This super cute Father’s Day card is personalized with your toddler’s thumbprints and Dad will be sure to love it. Instructions are very simple. First, cut off letters (such as I 🖤 DAD) with construction papers. Tape the letters onto a folded white cardstock. Then, have your toddler choose Dad’s favorite colors of the paint and thumbprint to fill up the entire card. After the paint has dried, peel away the letters and reveal your toddler’s art!

See full instructions at A Dab Of Glue Will Do.

8. Shrink Film Toddler Designed Cufflinks

father's day gifts from kids

Supplies You’ll Need:

Give your toddler the opportunity to show dad some appreciation. Here’s an easily personalized cufflink little ones can make for Father’s Day. Have your toddler draw on the shrink film with permanent markers. Cut out the film and bake the colored shrink shapes following package instructions. Lastly, use E-6000 adhesive or any type of permanent adhesive to glue the shrunk circles to the cufflink bases. This step is optional but you can add some Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to the cufflink bases to create a glasslike dome effect.

See full instructions at Creative Green Living.

9. World’s Best Dad Trophy Cup

DIY father's day gifts from baby

Supplies You’ll Need:

Show Dad he’s truly the best with this DIY Father’s Day gift from your toddler. You can have your toddler make this trophy in whichever color he likes. Simply have your toddler paint the cup. You can cut out the base and handles and ask your toddler to glue them onto the trophy. Lastly, write “World’s Best Dad” with a Sharpie marker and Dad has a trophy to remind him how much he’s loved!

See full instructions at Easy Crafts For Kids.

10. Father’s Day Keychain Craft

DIY father's day cards

Supplies You’ll Need:

This DIY Father’s Day keychain craft is completely mess-free and can be done in just 10 minutes (no waiting for paint to dry!). Since this craft involved small beads, please supervise your toddler when making this keychain. First, cut the string about 18 inches long. Fold it in half, and have your toddler feed one bead. Knot the bead at the middle of the thread. Bring the two pieces of thread together and feed the rest of the colored and letter beads onto the string. When the beads are all in place, tie a knot at the top of the beads. Lastly, tie the keychain to the metal loop. 

See full instructions at Kitchen Counter Chronicles.

11. Father’s Day Grill Mitts

Supplies You’ll Need:

For Dad who loves to grill, these handprint gill mitts make a perfect Father’s Day gift. With just 2 ingredients (a set of plain cotton mitts and fabric paint), your toddler can easily make this in less than 10 minutes. Just put some fabric paint on a paper plate and dip your toddler’s hands in it. Press the hands onto the mitts and wash hands well. Use the easy-squeeze bottle of fabric paint and write “Grill Hand” or any messages you’d like for Dad.

See full instructions at Mummy Deals

If you’re looking for a fun Father’s Day activity that will make your toddler feel included, try one of these easy crafts. Not only are they simple enough for even the littlest crafters to help with, but Dad is sure to love them too!

Leave me a comment below and let me know which project you decide to try. I can’t wait to see the results!

Fun And Easy Toddler Father’s Day Crafts

toddler Father's Day crafts

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