Pregnancy Safe Soap: 7 Body Washes to Pamper and Heal During Pregnancy

Navigating Pregnancy-Safe Soaps Behind the Labels

by Holly
pregnancy safe soap

As a mom of two, I’ve been through the incredible journey of pregnancy twice, and let me tell you, choosing the right body soap becomes a bit of a mission when you’ve got that precious bun in the oven. The skin is doing its own thing, and we want to make sure we’re treating it with the utmost care.

Navigating the sea of skincare options during pregnancy can feel like a wild ride, right?

Well, fear not! I’ve donned my detective hat, dived into the label jungle, and surfed the internet waves to bring you the inside scoop.

Whether it’s a doctor’s nod or a mom’s seal of approval, I’ve rounded up the top 7 pregnancy-safe soaps just for you.

This post shows you the best pregnancy safe soap.

Pregnancy safe ingredients

During the miraculous journey of pregnancy, our bodies go through remarkable changes, and our skin is no exception. The hormonal shifts can lead to increased sensitivity, making it crucial to be mindful of the products we use, especially when it comes to body soaps.

To ensure your skin gets the love and care it deserves, consider the following tips and keep an eye out for key ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera: Known for its soothing properties, aloe vera is a hydrating superhero that aids in maintaining the skin’s natural moisture balance. Look for soaps enriched with this botanical wonder to calm any potential irritation and provide a gentle touch to your evolving skin.
  • Chamomile: Renowned for its anti-inflammatory and calming effects, chamomile is a fantastic ingredient for pregnancy-safe body soaps. It helps in reducing redness and irritation, making your shower routine a relaxing and enjoyable experience.
  • Shea Butter: When it comes to nourishment, shea butter takes the spotlight. Rich in vitamins and fatty acids, it deeply moisturizes the skin, preventing dryness and promoting elasticity. Look for soaps featuring shea butter to keep your skin supple and well-nourished throughout the entire pregnancy journey.

Ingredients to avoid during pregnancy

During pregnancy, being mindful of the ingredients in your body soap is crucial for the health of both you and your little one. Harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances, which may have been your skincare go-tos in the past, are a big no-no during this special time.

Here are some key points to consider when checking labels:

  • Retinoids: These are derivatives of Vitamin A and are often found in anti-aging products. While they’re fantastic for tackling wrinkles, they can pose risks during pregnancy. High doses of Vitamin A have been linked to birth defects (1), so it’s wise to avoid them in your body soap.
  • Salicylic Acid: Commonly used for treating acne, salicylic acid is another ingredient to watch out for. In high concentrations, it’s associated with potential complications during pregnancy (2). Opt for a soap that skips this ingredient but still keeps those pesky pregnancy breakouts at bay.
  • Parabens: These synthetic preservatives are commonly used to extend the shelf life of skincare products. However, they’ve been found in trace amounts in breast cancer tissue, raising concerns about their potential impact on health (3). During pregnancy, it’s best to steer clear of parabens, opting for more natural preservatives.

Our top pregnancy-safe soap in 2024

Best overall: Aveeno Skin Relief Fragrance-Free Body Wash

Best for sensitive skin: Vanicream Gentle Body Wash

Best for itchy skin: JASON Natural Body Wash & Shower Gel

Best fragrance-free: CeraVe Hydrating Body Wash

Best natural and vegan: The Moms Co. Natural Body Wash

Best for face and body: The Honest Company Mama’s Gotta Glow Face & Body Wash

Best solid soap: Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar

pregnancy safe soap

Best pregnancy safe soap

The Honest Company Mama’s Gotta Glow Face & Body Wash

Elevate your pregnancy skincare routine with The Honest Company’s Honest Mama’s Gotta Glow Face and Body Wash. Specifically crafted for mamas-to-be, this gel-based cleanser features AHAs and naturally-derived Amino Acids to promote gentle exfoliation, unveiling that coveted pregnancy glow. Gentle enough for daily use on the face and body. It’s your go-to for a changing complexion, leaving your skin clarified, radiant, and free from pregnancy no-no ingredients.

The details:

  • Item form: gel
  • Scent: unscented
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Helps improve skin appearance + texture
  • Mild enough to use morning + night

The Moms Co. Natural Body Wash

Certified toxin-free in Australia, The Moms Co. Natural Body Wash is a dream for moms combating the itchy, stretching skin that comes with pregnancy. Its all-natural formula, blending coconut-based cleansers and essential oils, not only soothes dry skin but also tackles morning sickness. With a commitment to safety, this paraben-free body wash is a must for moms-to-be. Nature in, toxins out – it’s skincare made with you in mind.

The details:

  • Item form: oil
  • Scent: coconut
  • Australia-certified toxin-free
  • Vegan

JASON Natural Body Wash & Shower Gel

Packed with the goodness of vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5, JASON Natural Body Wash & Shower Gel ensures your skin stays moisturized and comforted. What sets it apart? The formula is a safe haven – free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and petrolatum, making it a top pick for pampering your pregnancy skin with utmost care.

The details:

  • Item form: gel
  • Scent: chamomile (also available in 8 other scents)
  • Contains certified organic ingredients
  • Available in 9 heavenly scents

Aveeno Skin Relief Fragrance-Free Body Wash

Pamper your pregnancy skin with Aveeno Gentle, Soap-Free Body Wash, specially formulated for sensitive skin. Enriched with a Triple Oat blend, this dermatologist-recommended daily wash effectively cleanses and soothes dry, itchy skin. It leaves your skin moisturized throughout the day. Free from sulfates, fragrance, parabens, dye, and soap, it’s a gentle and safe choice to maintain your pregnancy glow.

The details:

  • Item form: gel
  • Scent: fragrance-free
  • Triple oat formula
  • Great for sensitive, itchy, and dry skin

CeraVe Hydrating Body Wash

CeraVe Hydrating Body Wash cleanses without stripping away your skin’s natural moisture, leaving you feeling moisturized and smooth. Packed with Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin, it’s a skincare dream for combatting dryness. Plus, it’s dermatologist-developed, fragrance-free, and free from harmful additives – a reassuring choice for moms-to-be seeking a pregnancy-safe body wash.

The details:

  • Item form: cream
  • Scent: fragrance-free
  • Formulate with hydrating hyaluronic acid and ceramides
  • Accepted by the National Eczema Association

Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar

Dermatologist-recommend Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar is a gentle companion for sensitive skin, leaving it irresistibly smooth thanks to its ¼ moisturizing cream. Not only does this bar effectively cleanse, washing away dirt and germs, but it also maintains your skin’s natural moisture barrier. This makes it the perfect choice for a daily pampering session that’s as gentle as it is effective.

The details:

  • Item form: bar
  • Scent: fragrance-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Accepted by the National Eczema Association

Vanicream Gentle Body Wash

Vanicream Gentle Body Wash is a standout choice for moms-to-be seeking the perfect pregnancy-safe soap. With a focus on gentle cleansing, it effectively removes dirt and oils without leaving your skin parched. The mild formula, free from gluten, sulfates, and soaps, is a blessing for dry skin. Plus, with its dermatologist-tested and National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance, you can trust that this body wash is a safe and soothing option.

The details:

  • Item form: Cream
  • Scent: Fragrance-free
  • Gluten Free, Dermatologist Tested
  • Accepted by the National Eczema Association

How to shop for pregnancy safe soap

Shopping for pregnancy-safe soap is a breeze when you know the ropes.

  • Read the labels – Grab those bottles and give them a good look. Check for pregnancy-safe ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, and shea butter. Steer clear of any mysterious chemical names, and if it smells like a chemistry experiment, it’s a pass!
  • Get recommendations from your doctor – They know your body’s quirks better than anyone and a quick chat can lead to personalized recommendations.

Pregnancy is a time of joy, excitement, and a few unique challenges. Taking care of your skin with the right body soap is a small but significant step in ensuring you feel pampered and radiant throughout this beautiful journey.

What’s your go-to pregnancy-safe body soap? Share your favorites or any tips you have for maintaining that pregnancy glow in the comments below.

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