Best Gifts For New Moms That She’ll Actually Use

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best mothers day gift for new mom

13 Thoughtful Gifts for New Moms That Aren’t For the Baby

If you’re looking for the best gifts for new moms, you’re in luck! Here’s a list of some of the most thoughtful gifts that she’ll actually use. From cozy slippers to cult-favorite body creams, these gifts are sure to make her day special.

I was a new mom twice. Although receiving cute onesies are nice, I especially appreciate gifts that I actually use.

Here is a perfect gift guide for new and expecting moms (that aren’t for the baby). These are the things that will make a mom, especially someone with an infant, feel more pampered, beautiful, and stress-free!

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This Post Shows You The Best Gifts For New Moms That She’ll Love.

“New Mom”, By Definition

Now, for the sake of this article new mom doesn’t mean a first-time mom. It simply refers to a mom who recently gave birth to a baby. A veteran mom can be a new mom if her newborn is her 5th child.

New moms deserve their own category when it comes to gifting because, during these sensitive and magical times, their needs and wants are very different than that of a mom with older children.

What Are The Best Gifts For New Moms?

When I was a new mom, I had trouble falling asleep even though I rarely get any. But when it’s time to take a nap, I always find myself hard to dose off. Then, I ended up only getting a few minutes of closed eyes. I’d wish there is something that can help me fall asleep better…

When I was a new mom, I don’t feel beautiful at all. Every inch on my skin sags, I’ve got dark circles from the lack of sleep, and my hair falls off like never before. I’d wish there is something that can make me feel beautiful again…

The best gifts for news mom are something that’ll make her feel more pampered, beautiful, and stress-free!

Gifts To Make The New Mom Feel More Beautiful

Mustela Body Firming Gel

For both of my pregnancies, I have used Mustela brand skincare from the moment I found out I was pregnant to months after postpartum. Mustela is a French brand with over 70 years of research creating all-natural baby and maternity skin care products.

The main active ingredient in all of their products is avocado perseose, a patented active ingredient extracted from the heart of Fuerte avocados. It rejuvenates the skin and protects it from environmental damage. In another word, it prevents stretch marks from forming and lightens stretch marks as it appears.

Thanks for Mustela body firming gel, stretch marks prevention cream, and stretch mark prevention oil, I do not have one single stretch mark on my body!

Juva Skincare Anti-Aging Brightening Essence

Juva is an up-and-coming skincare line. It first gained its popularity in medical spas in Asia. Their products are used in facial sessions to treat all sorts of skin problems and are gentle enough to apply right after any skin therapies.

As a new mom, I had no time to do facials or take care of my skin. All I wanted is an all-in-one miracle elixir that solves my dullness and dry skin problems. And I have found Juva anti-aging brightening essence solving all my skin concerns.

After weeks of using it (I apply it before applying my lotion or night cream), my skin started to “wake up” and glow!

I gave some to my husband to try and he is hooked ever since. He had acne-prone skin with visible wrinkles. After using Juva skincare products for months, he noticeably looks a few years younger!

Garden of Life Grass Fed Collagen Peptides Powder

Postpartum hair loss is normal is very common. Due to hormonal changes during and after pregnancy, hair can fall out in clumps into the weeks of postpartum. I was startled one day when I was in the shower when I felt something (like a tarantula) crawling down my body when I was rinsing my hair! I peeked at the floor and it was a huge blob of fallen hair!

I started using all sorts of biotin shampoo and scalp elixirs that claim to prevent hair loss but nothing seemed to work. What eventually worked for me was Garden of Life collagen peptides. Collagen peptides are derived from animals such as cows and fish. Since collagen makes up 30% of the body’s protein. adding a collagen supplement to our diet promotes hair growth, nails strength, and skin elasticity.

Preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth from within is more effective than applying anything topically.

What I love about Garden of Life collagen peptides is that it is made with clean and highly absorbable ingredients. Not to mention their stellar line of vitamins!

Gifts To Make The New Mom Feel Less Stressed

Neck and Back Massager with Heat

This neck and back massager came to the rescue after restless days taking care of my infant. Since I don’t have time to go get a massage, I used this every night to get rid of my muscle knots in the neck and lower back areas.

I can adjust the speed level (it has 3 levels) depending on how bad my body aches that day.

I’ve had this massager for years and it is still working as if it’s new. What’s best is that it comes with a carry-on duffel bag and a car adapter so I can get some serious massages on the go!

Life Around 2 Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set

These cute little bath bombs will make the new mom feels like she’s in heaven! Taking care of a newborn is no joke and one of the best things to relieve all that stress is to indulge in a nice warm bath.

What I love about this gift set is that they are all unique. Each has different fragrances, colors, dried flower petals, and glitters. What’s more, is that all the bath bombs are made with premium and natural ingredients in the USA.

I started to realized that I have a bath bomb addiction after giving this gift set a try!

Old Factory Scented Soy Candles – Vacation Scents

Aromatherapy is often used as a natural remedy to relieve stress and anxiety. Lighting up some fragranced candles is an easy way to take away some stress from the new mom.

I’m in total euphoria when I light up these candles (I especially love the Hawaii Lei scent) while soaking in my warm bath at night.

What I love about these candles is that they burn clean without being overwhelming or leaving an abrasive after-scent. They are all hand-poured in the USA with natural soy wax, cotton candle wicks, and premium fragrance oils.

Although I love these Vacation scents the most, check out here for their wide selection of scents.

Gifts To Make The New Mom Feel Pampered

Super Soft Fleece Blanket

What’s best to pamper a new mom than to snuggle her with a super soft fleece blank. What’s unique about these blankets is that it comes in a variety of colors and sizes (from smaller throw size to king bed size!).

With this luxurious blanket, the new mom can snuggle with her newborn while breastfeeding or tuck herself in the bed for a short nap.

This very reasonably priced and high-quality blanket is a must-have for new moms!

Cozy Slippers with Memory Foam

New mom’s feet deserve some pampering as well. Especially for new moms that have hardwood floors in the house, running around taking care of the newborn can take a toll on her feet.

Bring some TLC to her feet with these cute and comfortable slippers! These Memory Foam slippers have super soft faux fur lining that keeps her feet cozy and comfortable. Also, the memory foam insole molds to the contours of the feet and hugs the arches, creating an instant relief for the tired feet.

Lansinoh Nipple Cream

This nipple cream is a must-have for the breastfeeding new mom. Made with 100% Lanolin, a powerful conditioning ingredient, this nipple cream soothes, heals, and protects dry, cracked nipples. It is also safe to be consumed by newborns so no need to remove the cream prior to breastfeeding.

I’ve tried a couple of other natural and organic nipple creams, but I never found the same relief when I use this Lansinoh nipple cream. I have bought a few tubes to be stored in the diaper bag, in the nursery, and around the house. Cracked nipples be gone! ✌️

More Thoughtful Gifts For The New Mom

Fashionable and Comfortable Nursing Nightgown

When I was a new mom, I got a lot of family and friends visitors. I don’t want to walk around with my nipples showing (especially when there are male guests), nor do I have the time to change into something decent.

A cute-looking dress that I can wear around the house and go to sleep with was my everyday go-to outfit. I’ve bought 3 of these fashionable nursing dresses (with 3 different designs) to be worn throughout the week. The best part is that these nursing dresses are very soft and stretchy, and offer sizes up to XX-L.

Personalized Name Sterling Silver Necklace with Birthstone

This beautiful personalized necklace will make a sweet and memorable gift for a new mom. She will feel that her baby is close to her heart (literally) with his name and birthstone around her neck.

I already have a personalized necklace for Baby W and I can’t wait to get another personalized pendant for Baby #2 so I can wear them together!

Becoming The Parent You Want To Be

A perfect gift for the first-time new mom, this easy-to-read parenting book provides strategies and philosophies to help moms develop a parenting strategy that works for their families. Most parenting books simply give textbook-like answers to address common parenting issues, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution because every child and parent is different.

The authors take into account the cultural diversity, social-economic, and individuality of each parent and present excellent principles to help the parent make the best decisions that work for her family.

This is a parenting book I have read many times and I highly recommend it to new and veteran moms!

The Last Thing You Need to Know About Best Gifts For New Moms

New moms are mighty but sensitive individuals so treat her with extra TLC. Regardless of what gift you buy her, be sure to include a personalized card to show her how much you appreciate her!

Which gift have you picked for that special new mom? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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Best Gifts For New Moms (That Aren’t For the Baby)

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