Super-Cute Newborn Baby Room Decorating Ideas

by Holly
newborn baby room decoration

18 newborn baby room decorating ideas you need to steal now

Hey there, new mama! Congratulations on your bundle of joy. Now that the baby is here, it’s time to start thinking about setting up their nursery.

If you’re looking for some super-cute ideas to decorate your newborn baby’s room, you’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’ll share a ton of adorable ways to make your little one’s space as special and unique as they are. Keep reading for all the details!

This post is all about newborn baby room decorating ideas

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1. Dreamy Baby Pink Nursery

Image: Jenni

Recreate this baby room idea:

This dreamy theme is just what you need to create a beautiful and inspiring nursery for your baby girl. The blush color instantly turns your baby’s room into a magical sanctuary. To recreate this dreamy newborn baby room, stick to using curtains with ruffles and heart-shaped decorative pillows as well as textured blankets for inspiration.

2. Light Blue Modern Farmhouse Nursery

Recreate this baby room idea:

He will be the most beautiful baby in this light blue modern farmhouse nursery. The wall shelf/bookcase is a clever way to add space vertically while giving the nursery an expensive look. The bold and cozy design of the shag gives the nursery a modern touch. Throw in some white and neutral-colored baskets and you’ve got yourself a perfect boy nursery!

3. Neutral Minimalist Changing Station

Image: Rebekah

Recreate this baby room idea:

This neutral minimalist changing station is the perfect way to create an inviting space for your baby. If you’re expecting and don’t know the gender of your baby yet, stick with neutral tones. A mesh white basket with bamboo handles stores all baby essentials with style. Also, you can also decorate the wooden floating shelf with cute baby stuff or hang your baby’s cute outfits.

4. Pastel Rainbow Baby Room Decor Ideas

Recreate this baby room idea:

Over the past months, we’ve been seeing rainbow décor everywhere. It makes us feel good and inspiring – a perfect theme for nurseries. Instead of painting the rainbow, try these removable rainbow wallpapers that are super easy to apply. Decorate with some unicorn plush animals and beaded pendant light for a boho touch.

5. Brown and Blue Whale Nursery Theme

Recreate this baby room idea:

Want your newest addition to loving the open water as much as you do? Bring them home to a room that’s filled with whale nursery decor. Start with a gigantic whale wallpaper that fills up an entire wall. A crochet round rug complements the ocean waves and curves of the whales. Finally, add a whale night light as your baby’s guardian.

6. Blush And Pink Newborn Baby Room

Image: Cait Anne

Recreate this baby room idea:

The blush and pink colors in this newborn baby room are so dreamy and gorgeous! I absolutely love the boho macrame decorations, they add such a beautiful touch. The color scheme complements any white crib and is perfect for any girl nursery.

7. Wall Pegboard Newborn Baby Room Decor

Recreate this baby room idea:

Pegboards are an amazing way to organize all those cute little things for your baby. You can install pegboard anywhere in your baby’s room, but the best place to put these is on top of the changing station. Make the pegboard wall even more functional by adding a stylish organizer with a mirror. Also, you can also add a shelf and hang your baby’s clothes while getting them dressed.

8. Modern Yellow Nursery

Recreate this baby room idea:

This bright and modern nursery is perfect for a baby’s first memories. To create the look, add in a yellow chunky knit blanket to give it that sunny feel along with wooden shelves where you can display all those picture books.

9. Monochrome Safari Nursery Theme

The perfect atmosphere for those who are planning on sharing a room with the baby! This monochrome safari theme will keep things muted while adding some animal designs to make the space fun. Start off by placing the black and wood crib next to the wall in your room and decorate the wall with some animal wall decors. The wicker bell pendant lamp keeps the space muted while adding a touch of safari to the room.

10. Boy Nursery For Small Spaces

Recreate this baby room idea:

Wall decals are an easy and affordable way to add color or texture to any room. We love this cherry blossom tree because not only does it add some much-needed color, but also creates an illusion that makes the space feel bigger than what’s actually there!

11. Cozy Farmhouse Nursery Decorating Ideas

Recreate this baby room idea:

You can spruce up your baby’s nursery with this cozy farmhouse theme. Change (or play) with your baby in this organic seagrass basket. Complement this super cute changing basket with a macrame wall decor and a gold hanging mirror to complete the look. 

12. Blue Fairytale Baby Room Decorating Idea

Recreate this baby room idea:

Transform your baby’s room into a fairytale with a blue color palette and some eye-catching details. A must-have for this look is the princess dome canopy for the crib. Place some star-shaped area rugs and complete the look with a mountain mural wallpaper.

13. Bright Transitional Baby Room Idea

Recreate this baby room idea:

A bright and breezy baby room can be created using the newest trends in interior design.
The key to creating this type of space is eliminating any elements that may feel outdated or traditional, while still providing an overall cozy feeling for your little one’s nursery. This includes going with white furniture, such as this stylish children’s storage unit, with a bright pastel accent chair and a cozy knitted ottoman.

14. Boho Neutral Baby Room

Recreate this baby room idea:

The boho-neutral baby room theme is all about the texture. It’s soft, romantic and feminine with a hint of rustic for good measure. If you want to give your baby’s room a bohemian vibe, place an open teepee in their nursery. You can decorate it with tassels and a macrame rainbow (these are so popular now!) for that extra touch of style. Oh, and don’t forget about the macrame dream catcher wall decor in the background.

15. Sweet Safari Baby Room Decorating Ideas

Recreate this baby room idea:

With these baby decorating ideas for safari themes you can create the perfect nursery with fun safari animals and green vines. First, please a round gold mirror on top of the changing station and wrap it around with a faux eucalyptus garland. Complement the gold mirror with a wicker storage tower. Finally, hang some sweet safari animals wall decor to complete the look!

16. Pink Floral Newborn Baby Room Decor

Recreate this baby room idea:

The sweet pink colors in this room are perfect for any new baby girl. The floral pattern on the wall makes it feel like you’re walking into an paradise, and with all of these soft pastel tones throughout – there won’t be much time where she’ll want anything else.

17. Pink And Grey Baby Room Decor Ideas

Recreate this baby room idea:

Pink and grey is a great color combination for an elegant baby girl room. To recreate this look, start with grey furniture such as a grey crib and grey nursing chair. Add some soft feminine elements with a pink floral toss pillow and ruffle crib skirts.

18. Modern French Country Nursery

Recreate this baby room idea:

Modern French country theme is all about soft, rustic and elegant. Recreate this look with a light colored breastfeeding chair. Add a light blue blanket with ruffles and a candle-style chandelier as a final touch.

There are lots of fun and stylish ways to decorate your newborn’s room. So whether you’re just starting to think about what you want or have already started putting things together, be sure to take a look at these ideas for some inspiration. And don’t forget to leave me a comment below and let me know which one is your favorite!

This post was all about newborn baby room decorating ideas.

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